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FOMO Fitness 

FOMO Fitness 

FOMO Fitness 


Get access to our fitness room and classes like yoga and strength for only  350, – per month

Use FOMO Fitness – It’s a must!

Exercising on a regular basis helps you to be physically and mentally prepared for challenges at work and in everyday life. Physical activity is absolute key to prevent office pains, minimize sickness and to be energized and productive throughout the day.

What we offer

Exclusive Gym Facilities

FOMO Fitness center provides you with a 400 sq.m. exclusive fitness center, including free weights, cardio equipment, yoga hall, wardrobes and sauna. In addition, we have upgraded with more lockers, drying room for wet clothes and towelrent (from January 2024).

The fitness center includes a wide range of exercise equipment such as Rigs, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Wall balls, Treadmills. Rower, SkiErg, BikeErg, Functional trainer, Boxingbag and so on. ENJOY it!

Group fitness classes

Every week we offer group sessions of high quality designed to inspire and motivate. Our group sessions have varied content and suits most people’s needs, training level and interests. Our instructors guide you through different classes, everything from yoga to cardio and strength sessions.

Weekly schedule for group sessions will be planned periodically and dynamically change to demands and wishes from our members. We use the SPOND APP as information channel for our group sessions and booking.

Check out our FRESH menu


A fusion of body strength, balance, stability and stretching – a perfect 45 min class you could have any day of the week

Functional FOMO

A complete full body-workout including dynamic warm-up and strength exercises, topped with a good old HIT


Don`t be fooled by the name, this is a quite tough 30 min workout with focus on legs, core and chest using bodyweight, bars and dumbbell. No matter your taste, this is definitely something you should “consume” weekly


We got your back! In this 30 min class we focus on upper body strength exercises for back, shoulders, arms and core. You`ll definitely be back after doing this!

FOMOffice Stretch

This foam rolling and stretching class is created primarily to help prevent “office pains” like stiff neck, shoulders and back by using different techniques like stretching, foam rolling and meditation

Memberships & Prices

Anneli Bredal Dyvik


Telefon: 915 34 628

To get the most out of your membership, book sessions with a personal trainer!

We will plan and design a work-out plan suited for your fitness level, needs, and goals. We are ready to push and motivate you through effective and fun workouts! You don’t have to be a member of FOMO Fitness to train with a Personal Trainer.

Prices from 475,-

Registration & practical Information

FOMO Fitness (by TRENINGSPARTNEREN AS) will invoice the membership fee in advance at the start of each month.

The membership fee can be covered personally or by the company. Register in the membership form under and choose to pay personally or to get covered by your employer.


As soon as we register your membership, we will provide you with all necessary information about access key, group session booking and so on. Want to cancel your membership? Send us an e-mail before the 25th to avoid being charged for the following month.

Infection prevention at the gym

⦁ If you are sick or have symptoms of infection, stay home
⦁ Wash your hands before and after the activity
⦁ Wash and dry the equipment and surfaces before and after use
⦁ We recommend to you to use your own towel
⦁ We encourage you to leave your mobile phone in the changing room

Contact: or 915 34 628